I studied animation at Senior College Ballyfermot in Dublin Ireland, from 1999-2001. During my tenure I have learned how to create a finished animation project from scriptwriting storyboarding, lay out to the finished animation.  I am also able to illustrate books and Comics as well.

·            Illustrations for books, comics, and comic strips.  
Theater shows.
·            Translating text into illustrations
·            Character design
·            Colour wheel
·            Use of acrylics, water colour and Airbrush

·            Animation (2D)
·            Layout
·            Clean-up
·            Storyboard
·            Use of the program X sheet.

·            Working up a script
·            Breakdown of the story
·             Photoshop
·             Line test
·             MS Word

Artistic profile:

My illustration is inspired by the fantasy and science fiction world
I am working towards a naturalistic style, where I try to find my own style.
I am inspired by Walt Disney when creating cartoon style character designs

 Personel profil:                                                                                                   

In general I am a person who is in a good mood, 
I am good at cooperating in a team, if there is need for me to take on another task if the workload is high and an extra hand is needed ells where. I am ready to do my part
I like a variated work day, but I thrive as well with the routines.
Creative tasks are my top priorities and I give my self time to evaluate a project to ensure a good quality but still manage to finish on deadline.

Appropriate professional experience:
2011              10 wall painting and 2 posters done for
Tvilingehøj SFH daycare center.
2011              Coverart done for himmelskibet 
2011:             T-shirt design done for forlaget livslede
2009:            Series of Science fiction illustrations for the magazine Himmelskibet (A magazine that is released on a quarterly basis)
2005:          Several illustrations for the music theatre Holstebro interpretation of Winds in the Willows
2004:            Several layouts for the Royal ballets school Holstebro interpretation of Disney’s Aladdin and he little mermaid.

Second professional work experience:
2011 - 2012     Tvillingehøj daycare centre
2010-             Jættehøj daycare centre. 4 weeks internship
2009 - 2007:   Jysk Bogbind, Holstebro
2007 - 2004:   Ejler Thomsen Alu Glas & facades, Holstebro
2003 - 2002:   Bendix lumberyard, Holstebro


Danish:        Mother tongue
English:       High level.


In my spare time I enjoy the company of my friends on Skype, where we gather and discuss individual creative projects. I enjoy the time with my friends watching a movie. I like creative discussions as they open up for new inspiration, new ways of thinking which leads to the evolution on how an idea can be solved. and meditate as well.

2001-1999:, Senior College Ballyfermot Dublin Ireland 2 years animation course.
·         Theory and practical exorcises: (animation, story board, layout, design and scriptwriting. Animations history. Drama.)
·         Life Drawing,
·         Computer Animation: 3d modelling, Animation and texture maps;
·         Visual communication, Research, design Colour.
1999-1996:   Fuu. Open Youth Education
1994 ·           Herning Technical School. Graphic line Tek1
1993-1992:   Holstebro Technical school. Food line Tek.1- Tek. 2

2010:             8 weeks internship Animation Workshop. Viborg.
2006:            Fantasy acrylic technique arranged by www.Tegnebordet.dk
1995:            Video sound animation at Holstebro Day high school
1995-1992:   Life drawing, watercolour and drawing/ painting at FOF