Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Teddy B Jorgensen. The Peters best toy award 2011

An the tention is on as Teddy Dolly Dracon and Jacques is all nominated in the. PETERS BEST TOY AWARD SHOW 2011.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Teddy B Jorgensen. Ode to fame

Teddy has become a little to consious about his online pressent and thinks he is famous... but is he now.?

Saturday, 28 May 2011


A collection of the paintings I have been producing over the years.

Teddy B Jorgensen: Mixed stories

 In this piece where Teddy joins the ww1, I introduces the next team member of the story. Jacques. De Gaule.
 The yeast wars, is inspired by Star wars yes I admit. I had just seen Star wars the clone wars, when suddently why I was baking sausagebuns I found my self experimenting with words from the film. SO it became X Horn a fighter ( piece of bread that resembles a croisante) Cargo doughnut.. an imperial cargo freighter.. annd so on..Dolly Carton and Teddy has a thing for eachother in the overall plot of Teddy B Jorgensen..
Magical me magical you.. try to work with teddy on this one ;)....

Teddy B Jorgensen; as Tim Curry explorer and exelent chef.

Tim Curry is an explorer with an exeptional skill that can save the day through his cooking his world famouse dish. Meatballs in curry. In this story he chases down the Omo Tonga clans magical curry pot, that enhances all curry dishes so it will turn all kind of unfortunate situations to the bets for him. This story is the very beginning to his legendary skill that will spread across the world like an unstoppeble tide of well cooked dishes, that will rock you sences and send your tastebuds to the heavens and back again..

Teddy B Jorgensen. TNWCS heavy weight election debate

I felt inspired to create this story where Teddys friend and arc enemy Dracon Draconanowitch faced eachother in an epic fight over the precidency of the Toy nations. The idea came after overhearing a duel between to politicians where a leading politician felt it unfair that the tv debate did not turn out in his ffaviour, when I heard that I had a couple of thoughts on my own about that incidents. I came to think about how I sometimes experience a political debate... like a boxing match. some punches was delt under the belt.. hence the TNWC's . toy nation heavy wight championship election debate.

Teddy B Jorgensen THE SBAT UNIT

The SBAT unit, OR special babies and tactics unit was inspired after a hard day in a day care center. To relax my self I saw the movie called . S.W.A:T. After its completion, I felt inspiration to create a team who could deal with special babies, wich became SBAT. A highly trained force that deals with situations in daycarecenters when babies are in trouble or for that matter causing them.

Teddy B Jorgensen: The Dubious 4

I felt an inspiration to do this gang of superheros, when I began thinnking about how much damage and destruction superheroes actually have caused during their epic battles with vilians over the ages, epsecially when one think about how much cheers the heros gets when the job is done, BUT the cities are in ruins and so on. SO the concept was to create a bunch of superheroes that was clumpsy. Good guys that screw up, beeing cursed upon when they cause damage in their recless atempt to save the world. BUT of course Nobody thinks of that when they actually saves the day and so beeing cheered at..

Teddy B Jorgensen: Signs

Teddy B Jorgensen.. Friends contrymen..

I thought it could be fun, having a comic where the lead character had arguments and fights with the comic creator him self, so Teddys temper raieses to the max when I pushed him to far in this story.

Teddy B Jorgensen

Teddy B Jorgensen began as a concept to a danish newspaper contest back in 2006, I have had a lot of fun creating the short crazy stories, and it has kept me inspired to continue through the years. The first pieces was really really simple, but in 2008 I thought it was time to raise the quality of the design, so I began working bigger than that of the original sketches.